Peter D. Adams


Peter Adams became interested in Bonsai in the 1950’s during a twelve year study of the fine arts, obtaining a post-grad degree in painting from the Royal Academy Schools in London. His work is in a number of private collections and galleries.

In his home country of England, Peter maintained his active interest in Bonsai throughout his varied career in the arts where he worked at portraiture, cartooning, advertising, television, teaching and as a Bonsai nurseryman for 30 years. He now lectures and is a best selling author on the subject of Bonsai as an art medium.

Over forty years, he built a world class collection of Bonsai. A large portion of these trees are now in the National Collection in England. He exhibited and won gold medals at the Chelsea Flower Show, London and was advisor and teacher on Bonsai to the Royal Horticultural Society in London.

Peter advises and counsels on Bonsai to individuals, clubs and professional concerns and travels extensively, teaching both at home and abroad. He lectures on every aspect of Bonsai and specializes in design and refinement. Peter pioneered the Scots Pine as Bonsai and is widely known for his work with Japanese Maple, Larch and Juniper.

Under his unique tutelage where art and horticulture are so woven together, students who work with him on the ongoing tree programs he generates, make rapid progress with their Bonsai. As artistic expressions, his hand-drawn tree designs are recognized internationally as being among the best outside Japan and this quality he shares with his students. Coming from a fine art background sets Peter apart and makes his image making fresh – a fact appreciated by Saburo Kato and Nakamura.

In 2003 he was awarded the Most Prestigious Award from ABBA, the Association of British Bonsai Artists, for ‘raising the Standards of British Bonsai to that of an art form’