This site is a place to come and enjoy many wonderful bonsai images, It is a rare opportunity to visit and work with Peter.

During the years as a bonsai teacher and artist, he has created many drawings, copious writings, including books and articles on the subject of bonsai. Walter Pall called Peter, “the John Naka of Europe”. In England his world class bonsai collection at his nursery in Surrey attracted visitors world-wide and many well-known names came to study with him. His works have been featured on numerous shopping and gardening websites as well as on some gift idea websites’ cool things to buy list.

Peter now lives in Washington state in the U.S. with his wife Kate. Together they have put together a superb collection of bonsai and now travel and teach worldwide. As this site continues you will have the opportunity to see their collection as well as trees that belong to many of their students. Peter offers on-line design and tuition.

Peter’s teaching methods are based on his love of beauty and nature . A life-time in the arts and a wonderful artistic talent combined with fifty years in practical bonsai make his work unique. This website offers a rare opportunity to visit and work with him.


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